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Windows Syslog Monitor Server Daemon

Lan-Secure Windows Syslog Monitor Daemon is a real-time network management and monitoring software for syslog events that collects messages and notification alerts from any vendor and helps to monitor, analyze, report and correlate real-time network events in IT environments.

Lan-Secure Syslog Center is an easy to use network management software tool that can be installed on any windows platform and display online syslog messages. It can be run as standard windows application or as windows service on unlimited network events to provide real-time solution. The software can perform email or windows command actions and can be combined with specific filters including network address, syslog facility, syslog severity and any specific text message.

Lan-Secure Windows Syslog key features:
  • Provide real-time windows syslog server daemon.
  • Enable automatic startup as windows application or windows service.
  • Enable advanced filtering based on host address, priority and message text.
  • Enable automatic actions capabilities such as e-mail and command execution.
  • Enable automatic exporting capabilities to text file or any SQL/Access ODBC databases.
  • Provide enhanced statistics and reports including events correlation.
  • Provide real-time events correlation for root cause analysis.
  • Provide automatic events management capabilities.
  • Provide automatic popup alerts.

More information: Windows Syslog Monitor - Information
Free download: Windows Syslog Monitor - Download

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