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Disable WiFi on Active LAN Connections

Lan-Secure Wireless Protector is windows based management and security software that automatically disable WiFi on computers that connected to the company network with LAN cable and re-enable WiFi when the LAN cable is disconnected from the computer.

Lan-Secure wireless protector auto switching connections capability helps to secure IT environments from un-trusted WiFi connections that can be used by potential intruders as a bridge to the organization network and also prevent computers from using duplicate network connections that can affect network resources availability. The software can be installed on any windows environment and control any number of windows WiFi computers. The software powerful engine can automatically re-scan the computers for active wireless auto switch network protection.

Lan-Secure Wireless Protector key features:
  • Provides wireless auto switch protection.
  • Automatically disable WiFi when connected to LAN network.
  • Automatically re-enable WiFi when LAN cable disconnect from network.
  • Prevent WiFi network computers from using duplicate network resources.
  • Secure un-trusted WiFi connections from being used as bridge connections.
  • Enables automatic active protection re-scanning on WiFi network computers.
  • Enables automatic exporting capabilities to text file or SQL/Access ODBC databases.
  • Provides easy-to-use network administration interface.
  • Provides enhanced statistics and reports.
  • Provides activity logging tracking.

More information: Wireless Protector - Information
Download enterprise version: Wireless Protector Enterprise - Download
Download workgroup version: Wireless Protector Workgroup - Download

SNMP Network Configuration Management

Lan-Secure Configuration Center is network configuration management software that allows controlling and maintaining changes of SNMP network devices configuration from any vendor and provides setting, changing, collecting and restoring configuration of network devices like (bridges, routers, workstations, servers, switches and others.

Lan-Secure Configuration Center is an easy to use network configuration monitoring tool that can be installed on any windows platform and collect SNMP devices configuration automatically or by user request. It provides backup configurations, monitor history changes, compare changes and restore configurations of one to many network devices. The software overcome the need of using several vendor specific configuration tools in multi vendor devices environment and helps to control and reduce configuration errors of network devices.

Lan-Secure Network Configuration Management key features:
  • Provides real-time network configuration management.
  • Support configuration monitoring of SNMP devices from any vendor.
  • Support SNMPv1/2 and secured SNMPv3 network devices configuration.
  • Enables real-time device configuration scanning using any SNMP MIB queries.
  • Enables automatic actions capabilities such as e-mail and command execution.
  • Enables automatic exporting capabilities to text file or any SQL/Access ODBC databases.
  • Provides enhanced statistics and reports including L3 interfaces option.
  • Provides automatic configuration backup on specific dates and times.
  • Provides historical network configuration management capabilities.
  • Provides configuration changes of one to many devices.
  • Provides network configuration comparison.

More information: Network Configuration Management - Information
Download enterprise version: Network Configuration Management Enterprise - Download
Download workgroup version: Network Configuration Management Workgroup - Download

Net Scripter – Windows network scripts library

Net scripter is easy to use network management software COM object DLL (Dynamic-Link Library) that helps to create network scripts and supports Ping, Snmp, Telnet and Textual Encoding (B64 and TEA). The following functions are available:

BOOL Ping(BSTR host, USHORT size, DWORD timeout)
BSTR GetIpAddress(BSTR network, BSTR mask, DWORD count)
BSTR GetIpFromName(BSTR name)
BSTR GetNameFromIp(BSTR ip)

BOOL Send(BSTR server, USHORT port, BSTR username, BSTR password, BSTR sender, BSTR recipient, BSTR subject, BSTR body)

BOOL Get(BSTR agent, BSTR community, UINT timeout, UINT retries, BSTR oids)
BOOL GetNext(BSTR agent, BSTR community, UINT timeout, UINT retries, BSTR oids)
BOOL Set(BSTR agent, BSTR community, UINT timeout, UINT retries, BSTR oid, BSTR value)
BOOL Trap(BSTR agent, BSTR community, BSTR enterprise, BSTR oid, BSTR value)
BSTR GetReply()
BSTR GetOid()

BOOL Open(BSTR host, USHORT port)
BSTR Read(DWORD timeout)
BOOL Write(BSTR buffer)
BOOL WriteB64(BSTR buffer)
BOOL WriteTEA(BSTR buffer, BSTR key)
BOOL Close()

BSTR B64(BSTR buffer)
BSTR TEA(BSTR buffer, BSTR key)

Free download: Net Scripter - Download
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